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MY position on gun possession

I am vehemently opposed to all guns on the planet, save for sport rifles to hunt animals, for military, and with restrictions, to law enforcement. 

 The second amendment was created at a time when civilization was less developed and there were not controls and technology in place to help people defend themselves against the day to day goings on around them. 

I believe that personal use of guns is outdated and should be abolished.  There are tasers, tactical lights and pepper spray available to defend oneself.  All of the arguments about how we need more guns to keep people safe ignores the reality that these newer technologies will defend against most gun confrontations.

Guns have been a part of life for so long that we have lost sight of just how dangerous an idea it is for a deadly object to be propelled by an explosive, in a hand held device.  We recognized that a Swiss Army Knife doesn't belong in a plane or a school house, but we continually support the ownership of weapons under the guise of making society "safer".

Mass shootings are now occurring weekly in America.  I've stopped logging them because I can't keep up.  We have the technology to stun, immobilize and deter an individual without causing permanent damage, but our gun culture and lobby are so deeply ingrained, that we have placed gun ownership on par with basic human rights.

Gun ownership is no more a human right, than the right to use cocaine or to carry a box of grenades.   Yet I myself, have often gotten sucked into the desire to own one, every time I hear of others being shot.  I was in New York City with a friend, waiting for a bus, and a group of police cars came towards us.  We backed away as a swarm of cops descended on the McDonalds behind us.  And my first thought was, lets get out of here as fast as we can - thinking back of other mass shootings in fast food restaurants.

Now our problem is that America is going to become numb to the problems of gun violence, and a task which seemed hard, will get harder.   My fear is that, if what happened at Sandy Hook, was not enough of a wake up call, nothing will be.  All I can do is to continue the efforts of those who have been impacted by gun violence, to support the repeal of the second amendment and the move towards a contemporary society where people have less to defend against, and a little technology to use where needed.  Instead of spending time, effort and money trying to defend ourselves from ourselves, lets spend those resources rebuilding the economy, feeding the hungry, helping the poor to train for jobs, educating and providing healthcare to all humans in our society.

the rise of gun abuse in america

Special report:  the newtown tragedy




Following the horrendous events of December 14th, 2012:  The massacre of innocent children and educators, I have published a full section on what America could do right now, to begin reshifting the tides of deadly gun violence, responsible not just for so many public events, but thousands of suicides, drug deals and domestic homicides.  Please join the Joseph Project right now in contacting your representative(s) in Washington and standing opposed to guns.  

- Guns don't kill people, but people carrying guns do.

WELcome to the JOseph project

 Copyright Mark Snyder Lexington                            Thinking about suicide? -->  Click here 

The Joseph Project is an evolving set of documents geared towards today's hot issue of BULLYING and in particular, of CYBER BULLYING and the immediate as well as the long term effects on today's youth. 

A fair number of websites, programs and even legal requirements now in some states have been developed to curb or train children away from CYBER BULLYING.  The Joseph Project differs from these, focusing on the culture, sociology and psychology behind bullying in general and cyberbullying specifically, as well as addressing some of the concerns that adults need to have about the children who are victims.  While I strongly believe that some degree of bullying and being bullied is an aspect of growing up for many children, some children have different capacities to handle it than others do.  Identifying children who are at greater risk of injury, may help parents, educators and youth workers to head off some of the long term trauma associated with these activities, as well as curbing the most serious impact, which is suicide of young people. Copyright Mark Snyder Lexington

The Joseph Project is a work in progress, so I hope that its unfinished nature will not prohibit people from using it as a resource.  I also want to emphasize that I do not believe the other works on this subject are less important.  This is yet another resource in our arsenal to fight the current problem of Cyberbullying as well as training it out of our culture, which I believe must be the long term goal. Copyright Mark Snyder Lexington

So, welcome again and please do feel free to email me if you ever have input at [email protected] 

Over time I will better organize this site into several sections.  For the moment (as we have moved to a new home at webs), all main material will be located here BULLYING & YOUTH SUICIDE and this link is also reachable from the menus above.  Thanks for bearing with me during the move.Copyright Mark Snyder Lexington MA

If you are a teenager and you are contemplating suicide, Please click here and read for a few minutes.  I promise, I'll keep it short and I will respect your privacy.  Click on the picture of two friends, to the right.