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Some of the text on this page is extremely difficult to read. This page will upset you, so I hope that you will navigate AWAY from it if you are not prepared to handle the content.

All of these statements are real and verbatim from what people have said about their lost child (other than personal information stripped away). If you recognize the statement or author and would like it removed, please email me and I will happily and swiftly remove it. The purpose of this project is to prevent future suicides of children, so at the risk of upsetting readers, I believe it worthwhile to show people just how serious they should be about changing internet use in our world.

What parents who lose children say

[to lost son] It's mommy... I miss you so much... We all miss you so much.. life is so confusing these days..what am i talking about it crazy here always since you died. I wish i knew why all this happened I wish i knew.. I miss everyone from our past. I miss all the kids coming over all the time and you all making all kinds of crazy noise. I wish you were here [son]. I miss you so much. I love you son. Everyone I still have [sons name] MySpace page. I miss you .

Yes - I am in year three, and that is my mind set - the first two years were simply about surviving - actually year one - well it was pure hell - year two was awful, and year three - I am determined NOT to be bitter and joyless - my grief, my choice - I choose to be filled with peace, grace love and joy - I raised my boys with these beliefs, and it would be dishonest to turn away because of heartache - but we all have to come to our own cross so to speak

I agree that there's no other greater pain than losing a child. I lost my 15yr old son to violence..he was murdered and I'm so lost.

Can't seem to work through the pain so I would settle for working around the pain, if that is possible. I do have so much to accomplish, yet grief is in my way.

My 17 year old son died of suicide...and somehow I am still here. In the beginning I just knew I would not make it nor did I care if I did...but somehow I did and now almost 2 years later I am still limping along. It changes your complete ...being and life...there are many challenges in life but the loss of a child is absolutely the worse pain you can go through and there really are no words to describe it. I have not achieved greatness because of going thru it but I am still here and that in itself is a achievement